Custom orders and production time

Most of the items are made to order. If you’d like something personalized (such as background color or shape), just let me know. For special occasion orders – such a set of two cups for weddings or anniversary or a Christmas gift – please plan ahead to allow time for the firing and glazing processes.

Each item takes up to 6 weeks to produce. Note that during Christmas period there might be some delays (shipping companies tend to be busy too!).

If you need a last-minute gift, especially for Lithuanian orders, I can check what I currently have in stock ready for purchase.


Shipping is safe. All items are carefully packed in two carton boxes one inside the other and safely bubble-wrapped.
All items are shipped via registered mail with a tracking number.

Items ship from Lithuania, Europe. Standard estimated delivery times:
• Europe ~1-2 weeks
• United States ~2-4 weeks
• Other countries 2-4 weeks

Care instructions

• All ceramic items are fragile, please keep away from busy areas.
• Hand-wash only.

That cracking sound

Please note that when the cups or other items come into contact with water for the first few times you might hear a slight “cracking” sound. Don’t worry, this is normal – it’s the glaze getting familiar with liquid, which produces micro cracks. The sound will disappear after several usages. The cracks are sometimes visible on brighter glaze when filled with dark drinks but disappear from sight after rinsing.

Food safety

The glaze of the cups and other kitchen storage items is food-safe. The inside of almost all other purpose items like jewelry boxes is food safe too unless indicated otherwise in the description.

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