” I am Domantė, a self-taught ceramist from Lithuania, IT specialist by profession and artist by nature. Welcome to my website of colourful ceramics and stay around to learn more about my creations and the exaggerated sculpting and glazing process I am often teased about by my friends.

People who get to know me first through my ceramics are quite surprised to learn that I’m actually an IT engineer. Growing as a computer science specialist was when I started feeling an urge to counterbalance it with art and find an equilibrium because I’ve always been reasonable but at the same time illogical, meticulous but also hopelessly absent-minded. 

Ceramics is my current passion. While I first got acquainted with clay back in primary school, it was only over a decade later that I found myself fully and consciously enjoying it. So now when I’m finished testing user inter-faces during the day, after work I happily switch to moulding troll-faces.

I break apart from the image of clay as a raw and ancestral material and try to go for porcelain-like products. Instead of traditional ceramic glaze I opt for creating unusual blurry aquarel effect you don’t see often in ceramics.

Each piece is a result of several hours of meticulous crafting that even my highly skilled but down-to-earth ceramics mentor constantly remarks she wouldn’t even think of starting!

After handsculpting and handcarving each piece, I then start the glazing process millimeter by millimeter with a literally three-hairs brush dipping it in vibrant colour palette. I say they are hand-made, my friends tease me they are self-inflicted concentration exercise on clay microsurgery.

My biggest award is when people enjoy the colours and the soft glossy touch and put my items to use – when they sip coffee from my cups or store their secret treasures and emergency cookies in my babooshi jars.